libGDX 1.0


Just now libGDX 1.0 was released. badlogic wrote a long blogpost about the history of libGDX.
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22. January 2014
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new design

We judge ourselves. everyday. In that process I thought again about how ugly the old design of my homepage was and how much better I was capable of doing.

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9. January 2014
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Somewhat late here is now my review of 2013.

The beginning of 2013 was filled with Abitur-stress.
In February there were pre-abitur tests which already took the time of the normal abitur-exams and scared all of us a little.

In March I had a last day in school and from that day on we were supposed to learn all the things for the Abitur. Sometimes I did that, but the most time I worked on a 2D-adventure game that maybe will be finished one day… when I have enough time.

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17. December 2013
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Ludum Dare 28


It has been quite some time since I last posted something, but studying keeps me busy.

This weekend I’ve been taking part in Ludum Dare 28 and wrote a small game in 48 hours.

Ludum Dare 28

You can find my game here:



Ludum Dare 27

I participated in the 27th ludum dare and you can find my game here:


I also streamed the whole development to twitch:

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24. August 2013
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streaming right now

I’m currently trying to create a game in 48 hours for ludum dare.

You can watch me at (though there is no sound or music as my internet is too slow for that)


continue the space game

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bitowl is streaming

This weekend I’m planning to create a small game, just to have some fun and gain new motivation.
Current working title is “Space” and it going to be written in Java using LibGDX.

Some of the time I’m going to be streaming, so you can watch me, give me tipps/ideas or just criticise me.
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4. February 2013

2 years bitowl

Well, I’m having the nickname bitowl for two years now.
In german I write (rather speak) a little bit more about that.

Because I need to learn for school in the next time (approx. until May) you will not see much new here.


1. January 2013
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happy new year!

I wish you a happy new year!

When I think back, the last year has gone quite fast.
It started with the android port of return the colors. The first month there was really fast development, but then I had some other things to do (probably a bad phase in school).
I had lot of problems with scaling on android devices with my custom canvas-based engine and started to look a first time at libgdx.

Some time later I rewrote the code of ScribbleJump completly and wrote another minigame, but there was so much frustration with school as my last year started.

In November I decided to learn libgdx again and to force me to really learn it, I decided to do this advent calendar thing, which worked really well.

Next year will be a lot happening. I’m probably get my “Abitur” and will need to find an university to study.
I need to learn for that and hope that I will find motivation to do this, so there will probably not be any new games/blogposts in the next time.

I hope that it though will be a great year and everything will end fine (and maybe there’ll finally be a finished and released game for android…)


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